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Weekly zoom Classes


Tuesday: 5:15pm Easing into Yoga

Weekly Om Collective Classes


Friday: 12pm Kundalini 

Saturday: 11am Kundalini 


Easing into Yoga - A more gentle approach to yoga. Finding ease and consistency while approaching our asana in a safe and sound way is what this class is all about. There is movement with the breath the entire class and we have fun while keeping the approach perfect for tighter and/or older bodies. ALL ARE WELCOME.


Kriya Meditation - Possibly a more advanced class due to its stillness. In truth, yoga is all about deep quiet and the exploration of what takes place there. In this class we will focus on breath and stillness using a variety of teachings to get us deeper into our Divine Connection with All That Is.

this class is ideal for seekers.


Yin - Longer holds and using props. A blanket, two blocks, and a bolster are the minimum props needed to join this class. This form of yoga is incredibly rewarding. With the longer holds the body opens up the deep connective tissue giving us more flexibility, relaxation, and a greater flow of energy.


Kundalini - Full hour Kundalini Yoga classes. A mixture of all that my teachers have put in me. These classes offer the grounding of tradition and an well designed warmup to suit the particular set we are doing in just the way it needs. Expect to FEEL things during these classes. Kundalini Yoga has been called the Yoga of Awareness, it is a practice designed to change you, and your life, by tapping into the energetic body and effecting change in the psyche. This shift permeates the physical: changing Self from the inside out and reaching into our daily lives.


All classes are roughly an hour long. A minimum donation of $10 per person for class can be sent to my Venmo or PayPal links below. The meeting code is 9524345083. Direct Zoom link is here:    https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9524345083

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"Building a Seat" instructional video

"Elements of Nadi Cleansing Breath" intro video

"Nadi Cleansing Breath" full video

"Basic Breath Series" instructional video

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Gentle Yoga online Livestream from March 21, 2020

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