• Daniel Rahayel

A soft breeze blows

The soft breeze blows

On her breath is a fragrance

Exactly what, no one knows

Still she carries a presence

Life and Love entangled in her sweetness

Gentle moves of passion and tenderness

How will it go?

What has she come to show?

I am quiet now, calmed by her sultry smile

She stretches out her hand and reaches for mine

I am paused - still for awhile

When I touch her things are fine, so fine

Now we embrace and the heavens sing

This is no fading thing

This Love is here to stay

She is with me in every way

In my heart I now know

There is no longer any doubt or fear

It was myself she came to me to show

And for this I shed a tear

But do not mistake my joy for pain

She set me free to live again

Now I am able to Love and Share

This is now my Gift to bear

But who, who is open to this?

This joy, this beauty, this bliss

Is it you – do you long for my Kiss?

If yes, then I shall grant your wish

But know that as she has given myself to me

That is all that you will see

This is how it is meant to be

Because she – Love, Sweet Love – is truly free

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