• Daniel Rahayel

Being with you

Being with you now, I realize I’ve never had a true partner.

Feeling into you, I know I have never been met by anyone the way I am now.

My heart is huge and I have felt I have needed to guard it, to keep it safe.

You, your Love, your work, your openness calls me into you.

You hold and heal me.

I have loved but have never received love the way that you shower me with yours.

I have hoped but your Light and way of being echoes beyond that of my dreams.

I have waited but what I thought I was waiting for would have fallen short of you.

My head and my heart

My body and my spirit

My beingness, my energy

All answer the call of your deepest desire.

I am with you and intend to be so as long as you choose.

To open, to hold, to explore, to lead, to share, to create, to inspire, to love.

I walk with you.

Our laughter. Our intensity. Our play. Our livelihood. Our practice. Our prosperity.

I find great joy in our togetherness.

You’ve opened me to love again and I’ve shown you what real strength can be.

I miss you moments after leaving you.

I long to hold you through the night.

The space between us enriching the foundation.

Our time apart as vital as our time together.

Let’s continue to grow, to support, to challenge, to feed, to honor, to cherish, and to release each other.

Love is not anything but free.

Freely received and freely given.

Being so free in our love that the deliciousness of choosing the other each day is an amplification of the intimacy we get to share.

Let our Love guide us deeper into ourselves, so the primary relationship with our own beingness, our own shadow, our own light, guide us into a fuller understanding of how to give and receive.

Guided by trust, hope, and smiles, we surrender again and again into what we have found - following the good we feel in our soul.

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