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June, The Spine, and The Kriya for a Healthy Back:

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

our work this month, plus my upcoming retreat and events

All of May we have been working on the Kriya to Remove Body Blocks. This Kriya is very physical. It involves digging in deep and pushing into uncharted territory. This deep dive into blocked places within us can be very unsettling. We have had so much fun in class accompanied by great music, but some of you have noticed a sense of ungroundedness come up. We literally jumped off the ground ALL month. Leaving the ground, ungrounding ourselves, while we were digging in to remove what was in our way, can leave us with an uneasy feeling. I have done my best as a teacher each class to land May’s practice in the most secure and supported way I could. We are going to continue with further landing and stabilization ourselves and lives in the month of June.

June will be about the breath and the spine. May’s Kriya was one end of the Kundalini spectrum. On that end, we find upheaval, speed, and rapid breath. May was very stimulating to our nervous systems. All of June is going to be about landing May into the other end of the spectrum. We will find the subtleties of keeping the nervous system as calm and serene as can be, even when faced with challenges. We will focus on the sweetness of the breath; at the same time, we will slowly develop tremendous strength. We are doing the Kriya ‘Om. Our Healthy Back’. The challenges will be different this month as we root so deeply into the quiet of the breath. Some of the most potent work in Kundalini is the subtle work. I have been doing this Kriya nearly everyday since my Birthday on May 9th (I missed two days). Nothing has helped my back and shoulders more than this Kriya has. I have built so much strength. I now have greater flexibility as a result of this Kriya. And I am not just speaking of physical strength and flexibility either. Now it’s time to share the benefits of this practice with you. 

The Pratyabhijnahridayam describes a goal of Kundalini Yoga in sutra 17: madhyavikasac cidananda labhaha,

“The bliss of consciousness is acquired by the expansion of the central energy channel.”

The author, Kshemaraja, explains that this means the spine must be opened in order for you to experience the truth of your own being as Consciousness itself. He refers specifically to sushumna nadi and the chakras in the subtle body to indicate that releasing your spine opens all levels of your being simultaneously.

I challenge each and every one of you to come to class as often as you can. If you’ve been coming Fridays, then perhaps you come Saturdays too, or visa versa. Furthermore, no matter when you come I am strongly suggesting that you snap a photo of this Kriya in class and make a commitment to practicing it everyday throughout all of June. What you’ll find is something that will amaze you. Class this coming Saturday at 8am in Federal Hill will mark the start of ’Om. our Healthy Back’. Kundalini Yoga Kriya are meant to be practiced for a minimum of 40 days in a row. Maybe this month you commit to rise to this challenge by giving this month’s Kriya a full daily devotion. Devote yourself to your Self, to the Divine within, to the strength to be in the service of others. Your commitment means everything. I am with you and we are all in this together.


Ladies and gentlemen, all interested parties, since we are already talking about commitment, NOW is the time to make your commitment to our Greece retreat. We need a minimum of 16 participants to ensure we go. Would you like to be one of them? This trip is going to be filled with learning, memories, and beautiful moments. Many of you have been considering, many of you have spoken with me about your interest in this yoga vacation, now is the time to move out of the debate about going and into making that commitment to going. Jess and I will have to give the retreat center a considerable amount of money soon to meet their installment plan. So if you can please sign on and put down your $600 deposit today. This will help us out so much to get a good feel on how many of you are actually able to really give yourselves to this experience. ...of course we realize that it is a consideration and it is an investment; But YOU are worth it and we know you’ll really enjoy your selves. Chances of you regretting you came to Greece with us are very slim; the chances of you regretting not coming to Greece are considerably higher (I believe. How about you?). If you can, please put in your deposits in ASAP. Those that have signed up already are excited to go, and we are all looking forward to having YOU with us.

Learn more & register here:

Why are we leading it? Why could it be right for you to come?

Because we believe in the internal freedom that comes along with Kundalini Yoga. 

Because we see the benefits of strengthening and opening the body with Asana.

Because giving and receiving in Thai Bodywork teaches us about how to listen, feel, and relate to yourself and one another better.

Because community and vacations are important.

This and many more whys behind the riches that await us in Greece.

Why come? Because you deserve all of it.

Butilini: Beats and Bliss!


"The purpose of life is to watch and experience living. To enjoy living every moment of it. Just to be. The ideal purpose of your life is that you are grateful - great and full - that you are alive, and you enjoy it." ~ Yogi Bhajan

Next Butilini event is June 23rd at 1:30p

New schedule

starting in June. Anyone that wants

private sessions or corporate yoga

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please reach out

to me directly.

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