• Daniel Rahayel

Monkey Love

I’ve been searching for the words.

The world may say you’re too young to understand.

Gazing lovingly.

I peer through the window of your eyes.

Deep and wise is your soul.

Thoughts through my mind, but my lips refrain from any utterance of sound.

To add words to the silence between us... I dare not waste the moment on anything but the precious breath.

I breathe you in, feeling the rhythms of your existence.

What I see in you is strength.

High priestess, please remember that strength comes from within.

There is no door that can open, without the creator’s wind.

The heart whispers softly.

Rest in your power, trust your heart, it knows the way.

We cannot add to what is freely given.

There is nothing out there for you unless already placed there by the Divine Mother’s hand.

Trust in the morning, let the nectar hours return you home.

We have been deceived and made to believe that our salvation lies in shadows.

That we must cast our Light into the Darkness and carve our path alone.

Your path is fashioned by Divine Love herself; She lives through you, walks with you, as you.

My presence in your life is but an echo of truths we used to know.

We have remembered...

and we have forgotten many times.

As we are striving, as we are creating, best to remember we are not alone.

The very breath in us speaks truth of this, as it is our greatest gift.

We are breathed.

Life flows freely through us, so that we may flow freely through Life.

Life begets Life - there is no end to that.

We have been here before, you and I.

We meet again as a reminder to the other of the beauty, the freedom, the Love, and the wildness inside, so that we may serve those around us, even as we are held by Life itself.

We are moved.

Together, as we choose to be now, or if we part, we are not alone.

We walk into a destiny already fulfilled.

We have already answered the call.

Rest now, Dear One, for there is no way you can fail.

Be steady in your actions, do so with the certainty of knowing you are carried, supported, and Loved.

No need to worry, the way opens to you.

The answer is yes.

Let the yes of your existence live in your heart and let the heart lead the way.

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