• Daniel Rahayel

Old Bull and Young Bull

An Old Bull was standing on a high hill overlooking the land. A Young Bull came running up to the top and walked over to Old Bull and asked “Why are you up here away from the herd?”

The Old Bull smiled brightly and took three sniffs of the wind “Because the air up here is, mmmmhhh, migggghhty fine.”

Unexpectedly the Young Bull chimed in “Hey, Old Bull, Glad you made it up here. Let’s run back down into the pasture and fuck one of those cows!”

To which the Old Bull replied “Or you can walk down slowly with discernment paying attention to their behaviors, mannerisms, and language, which would reveal to you the type of cow you’ll be choosing to partner with. This way you won’t let just any one in, you’ll get closer to finding the right one. By doing so you can find a better fit for yourself. Any fool can sleep with 100 cows a single time, but a real adventure is sleeping with the same cow 10,000 times. That way you can have much more of a fulfilling life experience.”

The young bull very excitedly exclaims “Wow!! Let’s do it! Let’s go down and find that one for each of us!”

“I have been down that hill many times. Always with the hope of coming back up here with her... the thing is that down that hill they are working things out, finding their way, defining their own existence in this place and working out the really big question of what exactly it means to be a cow in this world at this time. As beautiful as I am, as beautiful as I may think that she is, and as much as I’d like to be supportive, what happens is I usually just get in the way of her process. Then I end up having to trudge, sometimes very sadly, back up this tall hill again all alone. Every time has made me stronger and wiser. You see, I have climbed up and down this hill so many times that I know this is where I belong. I can go back down and come back up as many times as I would choose; however, I trust these legs, I stand on these hooves, and I know that it is better right here where I’m standing.” Says the Old Bull with a knowing and distant stare.

Young Bull “I don’t understand. So when do you get to fuck one then!?!?”

The Old Bull laughs at the spry eager young lad, then calmly replies “In time one of those cows from within the herb will look up here to the top of this hill. They will make their own climb and pull away from the herd. Defining themselves and there own place in the world, which is no easy task I might add. She’ll learn to trust her own legs and carve her own path. And when she finally reaches the top, she’ll know exactly how to stand here because she will have done so by choice and effort of her own. She will trust herself and know that she belongs.”

“Ahhh, I see. You are wise and slick, Old Bull. You are up here waiting for that one.” Said the Young Bull with admiration on his face seeing the cleverness of the Old Bull, thinking he had the scope of his wisdom figured out.

“Don’t misunderstand me, son. I’m up here because this is where I belong. I’m not waiting for anything. I am looking at this exquisite view of the whole scope of the land. I am eating of this delicious grass. I am soaking in the warm sun on my face and I am breathing in this pure nourishing air.” The Old Bull said as he turned. With contentment and a smile, he walked away, leaving the Young Bull to consider the conversation and make up his own damn mind.


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