• Daniel Rahayel


Many aim to shelter their heart, their life, and those they care about from any hurt or suffering. This is natural and wise. But we all have moments when the days grow long, the despair of living sets in, and the whole world feels grim. Better to embrace the Shadow and make friends with it than to act as if everything is fine. In our culture, society loves to love the half of the Universe that is Joy and filled with the shiniest of things; yet low be the man who is weary and afraid. Life is a mixture of blessings and the Light of the world is not more of a Gift than the Darkness.

I ride the waves of my Self, surfing between dignity and disgrace. Moments sublime in laughter, lightness and levity.

Yet there is Darkness in me.

To boldly stand in the Dark, the pain, the hurt, is truly a way to more genuinely experiencing the Light.

My soul is unshifting, unchanging. It is neither afraid of the Dark nor does it desire the Light. Neither Dark nor Light alone hold the totality of Truth. They are both equal parts inside and all around me. To liberate, to dance the dance confidently along the road of life, I dance as freely in the Dark as I do in the Light.

We find ourselves (read that again) in the midst of dynamic forces. Polar opposites working on us and within us all the time. In between the up, the down, the right and the left, the in, the out, the masculine, the feminine, the Darkness and the Light, is CENTER. To me this is what Yoga is all about. Every pose is finding that rootedness between the dynamically opposing forces. Feet ground down, hips sink, root through the legs from the waist down, abdomen stays engaged, the chest lifts, arms spread to right and left, sink the hips lower, rise up as you root down, breath in, and breath out. Somewhere in the midst of all that is steadiness and ease. We seek that in our postures. Somewhere between the push and pull of our lives is the ability to settle deeply into our Truth and act accordingly from that Truth. Somewhere in between the I can and the I can’t our own path is being carved into time. Our existence is a Gift. Yoga helps us learn how to receive that Gift

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