• Daniel Rahayel

Wave riding

Riding the waves of infinity

Feeling the Light of Divinity

When I move - it moves

When it moves - I move

There is no separation from the God

There is no being apart from evolution

Are my grandest mistakes failures

Is my pain to be avoided

Or has my deepest hurt become my greatest asset guiding the way

I am moved but I am not the mover

I understand but only after the moment is gone

I witness, I see, I abide in my own nature

But never once have I claimed true virtue

I strive because I am the striving

I can be at rest when I am resting

I love because I am that

Day dawns and time never ceases

Life begets life eternal

I ride the waves within me

I ride the waves around me

I surf the sea of Light and Chaos as she caresses my face

Ever turning my face towards hers

Ever showing me, Who I am

Sat Nam


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