• Daniel Rahayel


She was a woman of sensational beauty. Her eyes begged for mercy while denying hope. The dreams she used to dream have long been forgotten and now she embraces men that the younger, more naive version of her wouldn’t notice at all. She has known the pain of regret and the shame of dirty deeds; she has known them, but today they have no hold on her.

…Neither her gracious lips nor her subtle, charming manner could hide the truth from him. She was a women scorned – he knew it – yet he was poised, ready to drink of her.

“There is no time for us to get too caught up in each other.”

“Of course not, I am just something else for you to ease the pain. …Still, it would be a shame to waste the night.”

“The night is not wasting. We are here enjoying one another’s company. But, naturally, we will find ourselves in one room or other in due time. Let’s savor the buildup, huh?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have watched you for a while now and I’d be a fool to try to rush things.”


“I watched you as you entered the room this evening and I could see into your pain – you carry it like a trophy branded on your heart. Your eyes, though attentive, all glazed over and clouded, first sought comfort in drink, then scanned the room for a bit more soothing fare. I watched as you glanced at all the girls at the bar one by one; I watched as each one of them did nothing for the agony in those eyes; I watched as you drank and while looking around the room you fell into a state of ease, but you were far from okay.”

“You got all that from an hour or so? That’s impressive. Well, you may be right. What did my eyes say about you?”

“They told me that you could not pass on my beauty; they told me that I had what could ease your pain; they told me that you wanted me. And, as you walked over here through the crowd, they told me I was sexy and that you already knew I wanted you, too.”

She saw through him. She saw in him a troubled man: a man whose confidence tried to conceal his smallness. His fine suit, his expensive whiskey, and his salesman smile meant nothing to her. In fact, he meant nothing to her – nothing at all – he could be anyone or no one. And tonight he was no one.

“You’re gorgeous and it seems that you have had this all planned since I walked through the door. Anyway, that’s good, because I can’t wait to feel that sweet body up against mine.”

“Why wait?”

“I am just admiring you for the moment. Your smell alone is enough to drive me crazy. As you have sat here watching me, I must have felt you because I was more than pulled in this direction.”


“Tonight, my dear, I am in for a treat and so are you.”

“Don’t let me hold you back. I’m certainly interested to see what that strong body of yours can do.”

“Well –”

“– Well, a girl like me isn’t used to waiting.”

“Guess there is a first time for everything, isn’t there?”

Their playful mingling of sweet words fueled by a fiery lust for each other blocked out all sense of the truth. They left the bar. The night enclosed them. It was bitterly cold outside and the air both chilled and welcomed them. Close after midnight in ‘The City That Never Sleeps,’ strangely there were no other passers-by on this reckless, self-adulterating morning. The short walk from the corner bar to her hotel seemed too hastened and clumsy. They moved to the elevator through the lobby. The doors to the elevator opened and they climbed inside where it was trimmed with gold and set with mirrors. As she slunk in a corner trying hard not to meet with her own eyes, he stood grooming himself with an unwavering smile. She looked at him. And in that moment she knew she despised him. When the doors of the elevator opened, he held them for her to exit. The hallway was hollow, emptied spare a plant, which clearly struggled for light during the daytime hours and, though it was not wilted, it wasn’t really alive either; it was sitting in the far corner of the hall among the dizziness of the patterned carpet. The two moved down the hall to her room where she opened the door, turned, and, biting her lip, let him in.

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