Workplace Yoga Wellness


At the most basic level, yoga is the easiest wellness program to implement because the materials and costs are so low: you simply need a flat empty space, such as a conference room or outdoors area, and a yoga mat. There's no heavy equipment or machines, plus Daniel and his team provides a bluetooth speaker of their own for sound production - so no electricity needed either!



Estimates show that healthcare costs eat up to 50% of corporate profits - not good! Yet one study found that at least
1/4 of healthcare costs were incurred by avoidable health risks - tobacco use, diet, and lack of exercise among the top.
The good news is, most employees were willing to change their lifestyle habits if it meant lowering premiums.



Regardless of skill level, fitness history, and age group, Daniel and his team is able to craft the perfect class style for your workplace. You can expect and ask for some combination of physical Asana (postures) practices, more subtle energetic yoga practices like Kundalini Yoga, meditation, or even guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra).



Offering not only increased physical fitness, yoga also has conclusive evidence supporting distinct changes in employee behavior with even just one session per week in the workplace. This helps manage stress better, enhance clarity and creative thinking, improve communication skills, cultivate leadership and teamwork, and increase overall effectiveness in the workplace.



Daniel Rahayel’s natural authority, depth, and gentleness make a potent recipe to transmit what a vitalized connection can mean for you. Daniel is a thoroughly trained, skilled teacher with a unique understanding of the Subtle Body. His focus is to educate by raising awareness of the Divine Partnership inherent in the Self by creating classes and workshops for students, teachers, and practitioners seeking this deeper connection. Daniel
has completed 200hr Charm City Yoga teacher training with Kim Manfredi, 200hr, Radiant Body Yoga teacher training with Kia Miller, has studied extensively with his Guru, Martha Wallace McAlpine, and is registered with Yoga Alliance.

"Inspire. Create. Radiate."

Daniel Rahayel


These rates are for up to 1 hour of teaching time.
Typical yoga in the workplace sessions happen once per week and are billed in advance by the month.

For 1-10 total participants

For 11-20 total participants

For Special Events

& Larger Groups

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Vicki Chadwell

RPA | Senior Property Manager

Morning Calm Management

"Daniel has led our tenants in weekly Yoga since September 2019. Over this time participation has increased and our tenants really look forward to it each week. In addition to this service, Daniel worked on a corporate initiative with our company. Each of our local properties held a tenant seminar and Daniel explained meditation, the benefits of meditation, and led a brief meditation session. The tenants walked away refreshed, invigorated, and excited to start this new practice! Several participants reached out personally and provided positive feedback on what they took away from this opportunity."